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Working closely with our partner company in the United Kingdom, AES Group Ltd, we have developed our unique Machine Care Plus® Equipment Fluid Analysis and Condition Monitoring Service. This service is very different from conventional methods for it delivers to the user precise Engineering Decisions that minimize equipment support costs and maximize availability. The service is specifically designed to incorporate:

  • Multiple Equipment Types e.g. Diesel Engines, Gearboxes, Hydraulic Systems etc.
  • Multiple Condition Monitoring Techniques e.g. Fluids (oil, fuel, coolant), HUMS, Vibration etc.
  • Supporting Information e.g. Asset Management, Usage, Maintenance History etc.

Our UK partner has a proven track record of achievements with a number of high profile customers. They have more than two decades of experience working with the UK Ministry of Defence (all three services), other Armed Forces and major Defence Equipment Manufacturers and are the recognised provider of fluid sampling and analysis products and services to the British Army, including BATUS Canada.

Please Contact Us with any enquiries or if you should require further information. We would very much welcome an opportunity to discuss your equipment condition monitoring requirements.

Sampling and Data Flow
Testing and Data Interpretation
Secure Communication of Recommendations

Process Flow Diagram (Key Processes)
Equipment Condition Monitoring

The essence of this key process is to ensure that:

  • A representative fluid sample (oil, fuel, coolant) is taken in a safe and effective manner.
  • Vital supporting information, such as identification of the sampled asset, accurate asset usage, and any maintenance or servicing carried out on the equipment since the last sample, is captured.

This in turn raises the quality of data and information generated by the interpretation process.

AES Ltd will liaise with potential customers and, after an initial consultation and assessment of customer requirements, we will advise on safe and appropriate methods for the sampling of equipment. AES Ltd can supply a range of specially designed sampling equipment, including sample bottle kits. Examples of the type of sampling equipment that we can supply are shown here.

Sampling Taps

A sampling tap can be used for equipment with a pressurised oil system and a fixed oil sampling point. AES can supply the tap with adapter styles and thread sizes to fit most equipment sampling points.

Oil Extraction Tap Assembly Hydraulic Tap Case Hose Sampling Tap

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is used for extracting oil samples from any equipment without a fixed oil sampling point, or from equipment with a non-pressurised oil system. The pump is used in conjunction with tubing and a sample bottle to enable a representative sample to be extracted via a suitable access point such as the equipment dipstick. The vacuum pump can also be used for coolant and fuel sampling.

Vacumm Pump

Bottle Kits

AES Canada can supply bottle kits containing sample bottles and mailers.

Bottle Kit

Sample Information Report (SIR)

The Sample Information Report is a basic form that when completed captures all of the key information relating to the sampled asset that is used during the interpretation process. SIRs can be supplied with bottle kits, if required, but the form can also be downloaded from the Machine Care Plus® website, and customers that have been supplied with a login to the Machine Care Plus® application have the ability to complete an online version of the SIR (e-SIR). Completed SIR forms are dispatched directly to the AES Canada for loading into the Machine Care Plus® online application, ahead of the interpretation process.

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